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Diabetes and Ayurveda
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Humankind has been dealing with Diabetes or Prameh in Ayurveda for thousands of years. The scriptures state Lord Ganesha was the first patient of Diabetes, which is why he offered Jambul fruit to stabilize his blood sugar levels. It is believed that there are 20 different types of Diabetes classified into three categories: Kaphaj-10, Pittaj-6, and Vataj-4.

Diabetes and Ayrveda

Diabetic Complications

Diabetic complications are reported to be a Major problem in India. In Total, India has more than 1.3 billion people, which makes it the second-largest country in the world. In this article, I Wonder why we have become so diseased as the originators of yoga, ayurvedic medicine, and natural healing practices. It took me a lot of thinking and exploring to realize that the culprit is not our cultural diet and lifestyle but the western methodologies we have accepted and become addicted to. Healthy diet and lifestyle are never emphasized in the Western way of life or treatment of diseases.

It is easy for them to sell off what they are tired of, and they package those ideas so well that the earlier healthy Asian countries have been a big market for their unhealthy lifestyles and unhealthy ways of treating disease. It has been documented that the Allopathy way of science prescribes medications that are so toxic that they are bound to cause severe side effects in the body over time, which in turn causes more health problems to deal with in all our lives.

In contrast, Lifestyle Disorders such as diabetes can be completely cured with an Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle, and medication if they are initiated on time and well monitored. There has been a propaganda campaign to destroy faith in Ayurvedic medicines by saying that metallic preparations used in Ayurveda can damage kidneys and other vital organs. Metallurgy is one of the very advanced sciences in Indian Vedic Heritage, so claims like these are Completely irrelevant. If taken under medical supervision from well-established pharmacies that follow the protocol of metals purification well, the metals used for medicines provide the desired results for the cure of a disease without posing any side effects.

Diabetes and Ayurveda

The Diabetes medicines described in allopathic science have severe side effects that are bound to occur even when taken in the correct dosages under medical guidance. The ancient science of Ayurveda was developed by Rishis and Maharishis of Vedic sages. They have developed health procedures that are in sync with nature and the human body.

To live at our full potential, we must learn, explore and incorporate such great science into our lives to remove the title of DIABETIC CAPITAL OF THE WORLD from our name. It is our legacy that we can impart to the world in almost all fields, especially in the health Area. As the West faces modern lifestyle challenges, we are looking to provide solutions to these challenges. So we need to be a world leader and help Mankind.

Types Of Diabetes

Type2 Diabetes symptoms had explained in two simple sentences thousands of years ago;
“Aasyasukham, Swapnsukham, Dadhini Gramyaudakanooprasa payansi
Navannpanam gudvaikritam ch pramehhetu kafkarich sarvam”
There are several causes of Diabetes gestational, including long sitting on comfortable beds, Sleeping late at night, Drinking too much milk, drinking too much water, eating too much meat from domestic, aquatic, and marshy animals, eating new cereal crops, jaggery or sugar sweet preparations, and aggravating factors of kaph dosh.

Diabetes and Ayurveda

This simple description in a two-line shloka includes many causative factors that modern science still needs to discover.

Even though all ayurvedic textbooks mention jaggery as being the cause as well as aggravating factor of diabetes, the common misconception is it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels.
In contrast, Kapha Prameh is curable as Pittaj Prameh is complicated to cure and can only be maintained, and Vataj Prameh is uncurable.

Symptoms explaining the onset of Prediabetic Condition in an individual:

Hypersweating, Bad body odor, Lethargy, Laziness, Smearing in the heart, eyes, tongue, and ears, Heaviness in body parts, excessive increase in hair and nails, liking for cold, dryness in throat and palate, sweetness in the mouth, burning sensation in hands and feet. Apart from these, in ancient time test of urine was done by subjecting the sample to ants.
Ants prefer urine containing sugar to ensure sweetness in the urine. It was diagnosed as diabetes insipidus.

Treatment Protocol

There are two types of Diabetic patients:

  1. Obese
  2. Thin & Lean
    The treatment protocol is different in both of these.
    Patients with OBESE need Sanshodhan Chikitsa, or evacuation treatments, which include fasting, dry massages, and Panchkarma treatments like Vaman (a process of causing vomiting) and Virechan (a way of causing loose motions). A big goal of this treatment is to reduce the body’s Medas or fat content. In such patients, dry oils, such as mustard, sesame, or flax seed oil, should be taken for abhyanga. Virechan and Vaman will complete during which the doshas evacuated; the patient then becomes weak and needs saturation treatments. Without saturation treatment, the patient acquires many complications.
    Patients with THIN & LEAN body types should not receive evacuation treatment. Initially, Sanshaman Chikitsa, or peacekeeper management, is required. Such patients should receive boiled barley, barley cakes, linctus made of barley, and easily digestible low-calorie foods.

Dietary Advice

In case the diabetic patient is not vegetarian, they should be fed meat from gallinaceous birds and peckers, and wild animals’ meat in addition to steamed barley, roasted barley products, and things prepared with barley flour. A simple diet to follow would be to eat aged Sali rice (a type of rice) with a soup of moong dal (green gram pulses) and bitter vegetables cooked in danti, linseed, or mustard oil. In cereals, the Patient should take Shashtik or wild rice. The diet of a Diabetic patient must contain mainly barley-based foods mixed with a pure form of honey.

Sanshaman Chikitsa Home Remedies for Diabetes (Pacificator treatment):

To cure the Prameh patient, Daruharidra, Devdaru, Amla, Harad, Baheda, and Nagarmotha should be take in equal quantities. These should be taken twice daily on an empty stomach.
Another option is to combine Haridra (turmeric) powder with Amla Swaras (fresh juice of Indian gooseberry) and pure honey.

Lifestyle change

Exercise, physical exertion, body massage with dry powders, baths with a decoction of Kapha-promoting herbs, tub baths in medicinal decoctions, and the use of pastes of Khas, daalchini, green cardamom, agaru, and Chandan can cure diabetes very quickly.

Diabetes type I:
Jatah pramehi madhumehino van a sadhya uktah s hi beejdoshat,
Ye cha api kechit kulja vikara bhawanti tansch pravadanti asadhyan.
Genetic defects make Prameha’s congenital case incurable, as well as those acquired from diabetic parents. Diseases that run in the family are called incurable.
Diabetes is not only a single disease, but also the cause of many other health problems. Uncontrolled diabetes can damage the vital organs of our body like heart, kidneys, liver, and nervous system. Every single cell in the human body damaged by high blood sugar levels, so the consequences are far-reaching.
Therefore, we need to pause and reconsider using the more holistic approach of diet, lifestyle, and the complete Ayurvedic approach to cure the problem completely instead of just popping pills to control blood sugar levels. We have choice to live the rest of our lives with medications and their side effects ruining our bodies, minds, and Spirit, or to take control of our lives and enjoy them to the fullest.




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