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Consistency Matters In Workout
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If you have trouble staying consistency with your workout routine, the following five simple habits will make it easier for you to live a healthier lifestyle every day.

It is often seen that people prepare with great enthusiasm that they will do gym, running, yoga, etc. But after working hard for a few days, they lose heart and go back to their old routine, and after coming to terms with the situation, they start living the same old life.
All this is because of lack of consistency, because without consistency no body can achieve its goal.

Having a fit body is everyone’s dream, whether rich or poor, man or woman, beautiful or black, fitness is not anyone’s property. But only those who are dedicated to the goal can achieve it, and that dedication means consistency. Now imagine an untrained person who is fat and also a bit lazy, but no matter how lazy he is, he is dedicated to his food. If he burns calories as consistently as he eats calories, he will never get fat.

But in this day and age, when man lives a life of luxury, when every small and big job is done either by modern equipment or by servants, etc., there is nothing in the name of physical labor. Then you need to know how the calories are burned, and if the calories are not burned, they are stored in the body in the form of fat.

The easier this fat accumulates in the body, the more difficult it is to break it down, and mastering this difficulty becomes a challenge for people.

5 Way To Make Consistency In Workout

Now let us talk about how to stay fit with consistency, because there are a few ways you can make your workouts consistent.

Make yourself a priority

We believe that all relationships in life are important and each has its own importance, but is it okay to forget about yourself while taking care of relationships?
So first and foremost, promise yourself that you will take care of yourself as much as you take care of your family, because if you are healthy, your family will be healthy, and a healthy and happy lifestyle can have a positive impact on those around you.

It may seem counterintuitive to put yourself first, but it has a great impact not only on yourself but also on everyone around you. In addition, a healthy and happy lifestyle can have a positive impact on your family and friends. It may seem counterintuitive to put yourself first, but it has a huge impact not only on you but on everyone around you. Putting yourself first does not mean you are mean, but you always want to stand up for your loved ones, so make yourself a health priority. This habit can also improve your consistency.

Take care of your health every day

For example, we have heard that if you do not put good quality oil in the car, it will be damaged after some time. It is only a car, but we become careless about our body and this carelessness gradually causes many problems related to the body.

5 Way To Make Consistency In Workout

To keep the body healthy, it is as important to eat right as it is to exercise. Due to lack of time, we eat anything at any time without thinking about what is right or not for our body. Then the second change must be brought about, that one must give up the habit of eating everything without thinking, because discipline is very important. Always eat the foods that are useful for the body and provide energy to the body.
If you eat a proper and balanced diet, you will always feel a different kind of energy, and this feeling will help you maintain consistency in any work.


There is a general belief that it takes anywhere between 21 and 30 days to build a habit that sticks.

5 Way To Make Consistency In Workout

You must commit to a habit that you want to form-for example, doing HIIT 3x a week-and give yourself a 21-day “test” to ensure that the habit becomes part of your daily routine. When 21 days have passed, you can return to your old habits (such as not doing HIIT or exercising at all).

Take a look at your feelings at the end of 30 days. What difference does it make to you to feel stronger, more confident, more energized, and fitter? Eventually, you’ll decide you like the way you feel after consistently working out, and won’t want to go back.

That is great news. You have now formed a habit of working out and consistency.

Initiate a Bit Small

If you are just starting out, it is not a good idea to commit to six days a week of ass kicking workouts.

5 Way To Make Consistency In Workout

If you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll be sore, exhausted, burned out, and possibly even injured before you know it. Try two or three days a week of HIIT for a few weeks or even a few months before making any major changes. When you’ve been doing workouts for a while and feel motivated to do more, then you can increase the intensity or frequency and consistency of your workouts. It is now possible to achieve massive success in the long run by taking baby steps.


Making excuses for not working out is one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to develop a lifelong fitness habit.
Explanations abound for why people are not working out: they are on vacation, they’re sick, they’re too sore, they’re too busy, or they’re too tired.
The habit will be broken if you let yourself come up with too many excuses. Even though taking a day off here and there is fine, taking too many will ruin it. Ultimately, this will make it more difficult to stick with it. There’s an easy solution to this problem: don’t make excuses.

Traveling? Even if you are staying in a hotel, you can still work out.
Tired? You will feel more energetic when you exercise, so you should try it anyway.
Busy? There’s no doubt you’ve got 12 extra minutes to spare — and you might appreciate some time to yourself from your hectic schedule anyway.
After letting my exercise habit fall by the wayside for some reason or another, these days, I work out six days a week regardless of whether I am on vacation, overwhelmed with work, sore, or even sick. Explanations are for wimps. Keep your wits about you.

And in all of this, if you can find a partner who is as committed as you are to the goal of fitness, then your work and his will become easier. Then your enthusiasm for your training will change. Your mind itself will see to it that you attach a fixed value to your workout.

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