Is Yoga Best for Every Single(1) Person?

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Why Yoga is Good for Every Single Person
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What is yoga? Many people say that yoga is a type of exercise, but it is not at all. Yoga is a process of uniting the body, mind and spirit in one place, which reflects the literal meaning of yoga. And yoga literally means union. That is, when the body, soul and spirit are united in one place, that is called the action of yoga. In addition to yoga, it is an excellent medium for achieving fitness goals.

Is Yoga Best for Every Single(1) Person?

Historically, yoga has been practiced since the dawn of civilization. Many thousands of years have passed since yoga’s invention, long before religions or belief systems were born. ADIYOGI, or first-generation yogi, and Adi Guru, the first teacher, are considered Shiva in yogic mythology.

Several thousand years ago, on the banks of Lake KANTISAROVAR in the Himalayan mountains, ADIYOGI imparted his deep knowledge to the legendary SAPTARISHIS or “seven sages ”. A powerful yogic science was carried around the globe by the sages, from Asia to the Middle East to Northern Africa and South America. Ancient cultures across the globe have remarkably similar parallels, which have been noted and marveled at by modern scholars. However, India was the place where India’s yogic system was most fully developed. An essential yogic way of life was woven into the culture by Saptarishi Agastya, who traveled through the Indian subcontinent.

Yoga is not only an effective means of relaxation, but a holistic activity for the body and mind. It has the potential to promote fat loss, tone muscles and improve flexibility, resulting in a tighter, leaner physique.

Before you start yoga, there are a few things you should consider. It is not a magic wand that is twirled and affects your body. Consistency is very important to get good results.

Enhance flexibility

Have you ever tried to touch your knees with your nose?

Is Yoga Best for Every Single(1) Person?

It is difficult, otherwise it would seem impossible.
But that is not the case at all, because if you want, it is possible with the help of Yoga Kriya, for which you must be disciplined. To get a flexible body, you need to practice yoga for 30 minutes at least 3 days a week. Do this initially only under the supervision of an experienced yoga instructor. The flexibility of your body will give you the freedom to do things that you could not do with your sluggish and cumbersome body.  

Helps you lose weight by toning your body

Mobility in the body is not enough, the excess fat that has accumulated in the body must also be removed. When we do yoga, etc., our body parts become tense and because of this tension the muscles break down, but no calories are burned.

Is Yoga Best for Every Single(1) Person?

But when we rest, these broken muscles are rebuilt with strength, which burns more calories and the fat slowly starts to melt. You’ll experience toned biceps and triceps as a result of chaturangas( a kind of Plank ), chiseled leg muscles as a result of deep squats and lunges and balancing asanas, and a slimmer waist as a result of consistent use of the core.

Muscles weigh more than fat. If you are a slave to the scale, you may be disappointing yourself by not changing the number when in fact your body is changing. If your goal is to lose a few pounds, consider losing inches or centimeters. Measure your progress by how your clothes fit and how you feel – not by the number that hits your legs.

Maintain a better posture

Yoga trains your awareness of your body in space and teaches you to bring your bones into proper alignment. The more aware you become of your skeletal alignment, the more you train your muscles to “hold” the body in the correct position. The more you practice, the more you break the habit of bad posture and replace it with the habit of good posture.

Good posture benefits you not only physically, but also internally. When you are in proper shape, all of your internal organs are also in optimal condition – which means better digestion!

Achieve better balancing

If you practice yoga continuously, you will always find your body in a balanced state.

Is Yoga Best for Every Single(1) Person?

A big part of your balance depends on your core strength – if you have an active core, your body is stable, so your brain sends signals to your muscles to move to different and new ranges of motion. Do it because it looks like it’s safe. The best and fastest way to improve your balance is to strengthen your core.

Improves Brain health by reducing anxiety and stress

Most people start yoga whenever anxiety arises in times of stress. You will find that focusing on your breath and your ability to be present in each pose can help calm negative mental chatter.

There are several yoga postures that can help you relieve stress and anxiety, Which is also known as Yoga six

  • Hero Posture
  • Tree Posture
  • Triangle Posture
  • Standing Forward Bend Posture
  • Fish Posture
  • Child Posture

There are many more simple Postures that you can use to reduce your anxiety to a great extent.

The ability to concentrate and think clearly is improved

The efficiency of your brain literally increases with a yoga practice. Research has shown that the brain power of those who practice yoga is very high compared to other sports. They can remember and concentrate on something better. In addition, brain scans have shown that people who do Asana also improve their decision-making ability in all areas. In simple and easy language, it can be said that people who do yoga, etc., think better, understand better, and can do any work properly.

Control Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is influenced by many factors, some of which can be changed and some of which cannot. However, there are many factors that can be influenced, such as stress, diet, weight and lifestyle, which can be significantly improved with yoga. Yoga poses involve breathing in a specific pattern, which can help control blood pressure and reduce stress. These poses can enhance the function of your heart.

Is Yoga Best for Every Single(1) Person?

Also for this, there are some simple asana ( Poses) that control blood pressure, such as:

  • Balasana
  • Sukhasana
  • Shivasana

Yoga is not just bending or twisting your body and holding your breath. It is a technique to put you in a state of seeing and experiencing reality as it is. When you allow your energies to become ecstatic and blissful, your sense organ expands. It allows you to experience the entire universe as a part of yourself and allow everything to become one.

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